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What we do.

We charge by the job and not by the hour and all chemicals, traveling expenses are included in our pricing. We try to keep our prices competitive so are able to offer more excellent rates for more frequent service. Call us now to inquire.

Our Regular service includes:-

Cleaning of all surfaces in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and living areas. Cleaning of commodes, baths, showers. Cleaning of all mirrors and glass topped areas such as tables. Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping where applicable. Dusting of reachable fans, ledges and window ledges. Dusting of exteriors of furniture, picture frames etc. Cleaning the outside of fridges, stoves and microwaves (We also do in the interior of the microwave) Emptying of small trash cans.

Our Deep Cleaning service includes:-

All of the regular service plus, by negotiation, cleaning the interior of fridges, stoves and cabinets. Removal of trash, cleaning of sliders or windows, tidying lanai areas, washing linens and towels. Changing beds, cleaning of doors etc for dirty marks or cobwebs.

Please note that we also organize the cleaning of rental properties for our vacationers so are able to arrange to have your home in good order for when your visitors arrive.

Commercial Work

We also clean offices when requested. Please contact Jo for a quote.